Christian Ministries

Restored Hope Network

Restored Hope Network is a coalition of ministries serving those who desire to overcome sinful relational and sexual issues in their lives and those impacted by such behavior, particularly homosexuality. RHN works alongside the body of Christ, the Church, to connect those seeking help with local member ministries and other resources that are available, as well as support, equip and connect the local member ministries. RHN's member ministries are led by pastors, counselors, well-equipped lay persons, and many have themselves overcome the impact of sexual and relational sin. They continue to resist the culture's mantra of "born gay, can't change," by standing on the Word of God which shouts: "Such were some of you!" (1 Cor 6:9-11)

Hope for Wholeness

Hope for Wholeness is a group whose purpose is to shed light on the complicated issues of sexual and relational brokenness with a special expertise on homosexuality. They hope that you will find comfort and guidance through this ministry by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and through godly love demonstrated by God's people. They have experienced freedom in Christ from homosexuality and other forms of bondage and share from this place.

Psychological Organizations & Support

The Alliance

The Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity (ATCSI) is a multi-disciplinary professional and scientific organization dedicated to preserving the right of individuals to obtain the services of a therapist who honors their values, advocating for integrity and objectivity in social science research, and ensuring that competent licensed, professional assistance is available for persons who experience unwanted homosexual (same-sex) attractions (SSA). The colleagues and supporters of the Alliance include practitioners, scholars, and researchers from many fields of the mental health and medical arts and sciences, as well as educational, pastoral, legal, and other community leaders and laypersons who are united in this shared organizational commitment.